Wednesday, November 15, 2006

mentally impaired

Mentally impaired.

So during FAR paper this morning, I actually forgot the concepts of Recoverable Amount and Carrying Value. No scratch that, I didnt forget them, I just wrongly put the amounts for comparison, causing my impairment/reversal calculation to be totally and utterly wrong. Impairment of Assets is, I think, one of the easiest topics in FAR this semester, if not the easiest one, and yet, I made silly mistake. I refuse to comment further. My heart breaks when I think of it. (!)

I went to check my carry marks for AIS before going home, to gauge how much effort I need to put in for my last paper, which will be on a freaking SUNDAY MORNING. Well well well, with most of us already carrying plenty of marks for finals, we decided to study"rilek-rilek sikit" . :)

Look on the bright side

"uhuk uhuk uhuk"
"uhuk uhuk uhuk"

kaklong: kesian kakak, tersedak air liur sendiri........uhuk uhuk
nina: yela, ke kaklong nak tersedak air liur nina?.......:)
kaklong: uwaa...... kesiannya kakak sendiri!!!!!!!

the considerate sister then goes to her sister and pats her back. *pat pat*

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Jalilah said...

wah, nina, you really think impairment of asset is the easiest? For me, the easiest is Banruptcy but I still fail to get full marks for the previous test. Anyway, FAR was not so bad compared to CRG 530... Argh...