Sunday, November 12, 2006

What day was it?

This is a new discovery for me, to have found the perpetual calendar. Around a year ago, my friend Wani gave me a purple diary which till this day, remains blank. Why do I need to hide my skeletons in there when I can blog them for the world to see, right? Ngeh. And I didnt even write my name, except, a sentence which goes like this, "Love is the will to extend one's self for the purpose of nurturing one's own or another's spiritual growth". I took it from The Road Less Travelled by M. Scott Peck. I think I wanted it to be a like quote book or something. (But now I just doodle in it, because that's what I do.)

Today, as I was flipping through the crisp pages, I found the perpetual calendar, from which I could trace back on what day did a certain date fall, from 1901 right to 2008. Bukan kah itu macam kool, 108 years calendar in a page?! So, with catlike curiousity, I followed the guide using a date I know very well and it proved to be true. 21 years ago, September 11th fell on my favourite day, Wednesday (it will always be my favourite day every year regardless). Then I tried another day, 13 August 2006, for obvious reasons, ihik, and voila, the calendar worked its magic again. Jakunnya MasyaAllah.

But by then, I was already bored, like some kid bored with his last year christmas toy present. I didnt find the fun of finding out days anymore. What a shame.

Nevertheless, it is something, this perpetual calender. He/she who first came out with it must be good with, geez, I dont know, numbers? Formula? Astronomy? It has a few sections and in one of them is a set of random numbers ranging from 0 to 6, which looks something like a set of random numbers in my statistic textbook, Appendix 13.1. But if you put random numbers into the equation, it wouldnt be right, would it? So I redress. The numbers are put in a special pattern that my brain just couldnt figure out. Owh well.


*start of bonding session*

muai lajhu-lajhu,
shampai mokok shena,
ape nalam majhu,
shekuntum munge china,

muai ninggi-ninggi,
shampai chuchur atap,
melum numbuh ngingi,
dah pantai bache kitab.

Saya nyanyi untuk mak dengan penuh kasih sayang, cukup dengan sengau dah pelat at appropriate places sambil tepuk-tepuk mak kat appropriate places as well:). And I thought I was so cute.

"Mak, comel tak Nina nyanyi?"

And she was already snoring, in full pretence! (nampaknya lullaby saya berkesan! yippee?!)

Later pulak,

tepuk amai-amai,
belalang kupu-kupu
tepuk emak pandai,
malam upah susu.

susu lemak manis,
santan kelapa muda,
emak jangan nangis,
nina banyak kerja.

(I didnt know the exact wording but nenek helped me with it)

*end of bonding session*

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Anonymous said...

owh nina,check i was born on 22 october 1985..wat day was that? and 9 spetember also 1985..puhleeezeeeeeee
nanie here...if u are confuse its nanie kawan camp huhu