Monday, December 11, 2006

mati kering

It's when all the fluid in your brain has been sucked out dry, and then refilled only to be sucked out again. You let the process take control of your mind helplessly just because that's the only thing to do.

I had to act busy lest people thinking I'm here just to goyang kaki, so the only things I figure I could do are to recalculate figures I've already calculated (just to double check!), chatting with other bored EYians and exercise my facial muscles once in a while so as to appear a bit confused/deep in concentration while switching the excel working page with friendster everytime I sense someone coming.

I cant imagine spending the rest of the day being in this state of total boredom. Please give me some work seniors! Hah. I can't be here doing nothing. For those of you thinking it's all nice and dandy here in EY, think again. We had to be in office today only because our client is closed. Cuti Selangor. It wouldnt be like this normally. Last week, my first week, I had to do overtime twice and it gave me a taste of things to come.

(my orientation story is already basi so I wont elaborate, though there are some memorable moments haha.) Whatever. Everyone has something to prove.

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Jalilah said...

Oh nina, same here. I don't have a lot of work either. Everything is done by the seniors. They are leaving on the 22nd dec so I guess the real work will begin on the 25th since 22nd is a friday. But I am learning several things here but the real challenge will only start on the 25th... hmm...