Monday, December 10, 2007


BAcc (Hons) (1st class), UiTM

My results came out last Friday. I have (finally) graduated, with first class. I am so happy. My parents are too. Abah is the happiest dad in the world, and mak keeps using my result as an excuse (hehe). "Kenelah rajin lipat baju, barulah first class. Kenelah belajar masak, barulah first class".

[I got a freaking good 'A' for my FAR600 which was touted as the hardest subject in accounting history. Haha.]

Congratulations to my friends too for your results. We did it!

Now if only I could go back to sem4 and cut down my TGV and Redbox sessions, I'm sure ANC can once again be mine. But what's done is done. At least it made me study with a vangeance.



Diana said...

AWWW so tere lah yuuu!
i am very immensely endlessly happily awfully proud of you. tidak terkata. of course your results is no surprise but still that doesn't make it any less amazing. because it is just that, AMAZING. tee hee hee.

-your very pleased friend,

nina said...

thank you nana banana!!!!!

-your very pleased friend ie the blog owner

p/s: datang lah kite punye convocation bulan april nanti =)

Jaja&reg said...


Jalilah said...

Congrats Nina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

aQieYa said...

Congratss nins!
Marila visit blog kite at the old address... teeheee

nina said...

thanks everybody!!

sure thing aqie. dah visit dah pun, and letak link sekali. teehee