Monday, December 03, 2007

Fools in love

He was insensitive to have hurt her feelings. She was then too emotional to tell the world about it. To the world, the strife was over such a tiny thing, but it did rock their shared tiny world. Fools they were.

When they talked to each other after that, every thing sounded cold. She didn’t know what that means. She just knows she misses him.

In the name of all things public, she just wants to make it known that she is really sorry, not for her reaction about what he said, but for her action that may have caused him to be portrayed as a bad person, which in reality he is not.

She loves him, her neat non smoking guy who loves, understands, teaches, supports and respects her.



Jalilah said...

Aaww.... that's sweet.

Hmm.. referring to yourself as a 3rd person, you are... (now, why do I suddenly sound like Yoda? Hahaha)I'm a little crazy but who cares.

Glad you guys are ok...

jaem said...

~ i know your feeling about dis darling...

Aya said...

'why do fools fall in love?'

'well, the archetypal fool is the risk-taker. a relationship can be considered a huge risk, since it represents a step ourside of the comfort od the ego self. so technically, you must be a fool in order to fall in love'

...ur not alone ;p

blogging has its consequences...true that. i delete my posts (i unpublish them), u stop urself fr doing that, respect giler :P hehe. hebat ar *clap2*

Zeid txt me yesterday, tak abis2 force to come back to EY keke. dia tak kacau u ke? :P

nina said...

lely: Mane ade referring myself as a third person. Itu memang rekaan semata-mata! (berjaya tak cover line? hee).
Lely oh lely!

Jaem: You know?! Thank you lah jaem. (my feeling is actually susah untuk digambarkan but you know)

Sue: Zeid tu! Haih. Selalu kacau, panggil masuk balik EY, suruh tolong buat MASB (this year he said tak buat dah SIC, hee, no more F1 tickets)..

jaem said...

yerp nina..have been thro the same thing bout dis.....but everything will fine later or sooner....biasa ar kita perempuan....