Friday, January 18, 2008

Are we there yet? Over. (100x)

Having walkie talkie is a fun concept. Especially if you're in one of the string of cars heading to Kuala Pilah to attend a friend's sister's wedding reception. You don't use them walkie talkie just in case you get lost (hey come on? takkan boleh sesat kot?), but you use them to make comments like "Oy tak gunalah engine turbo kalau bawak slow macam siput. Over." (okay exaggeration here) or "Oy bayar toll pun lembab? Over." which you can always reply back "Oh oh abang toll mintak nombo tepon tadi. Over."

Or, at least, you can play teka-teki or nyanyi2 when your song comes out on the radio.

Kain satu ela, tiga ringgit. Ayam seekor, berapa ringgit?

When I get married, can I tell my guests that you can come but please make sure yourselves are not as pretty as me? Because the bride needs to be the center of attraction for all sets of eyes present. Sekali sahaja, boleh?!

The answer to the riddle is dua ringgit.

(Because satu ela, tiga kaki. Ayam ada dua kaki je)


fadhli said...

ayu.. pakai baju kurung baru.
(ke dh considered not-so-baru anymore?)

aQieYa said...

apa nama singkatan betik? haha

nina said...

Fadhli: It's still new, but not brand new. Ni second time pakai (as i've told you). Memandangkah u cakap i ayu, tataplah gambar itiew puas-puas (i know u already are!) heee =)

Aqie: Pak Tik!!!!!