Wednesday, June 04, 2008

how my analogy is proven to be MORE right

Some part of this entry is meant for the previous one (where I write about work [yawn])..

People may have the impression that, in view of what I do, I got paid tonnes of money. How can I not, right? With overtime almost everyday, mileage claims, meal allowance etc.

Well, as a matter of fact, I am ENTITLED to all that, based on my effort and expenses incurred in doing my job. In reality, I don't, and here's why:

-We are encouraged to car-pool, so not all members of the team can claim every day.
-As one of the most used phrase in audit goes, it all depends, on the audit fees. If it ain't that high, your claims will be slashed. Recoverability issue. (wtf)
-Where I work, we have a certain time frame in which we can claim our OT. If the time has lapsed, your OT is gone baby gone. Well you can actually bring it forward, but sometimes you're (I'm) just too lazy to do so. And then, we have limits for certain approver, for instance, claims of more than RMxx, must be approved by a partner, not manager. So there you sit, in front of your laptop, seggregating your claims into a few batches so that your immidiate manager can approve. It may take some time (even hours) to actually log on to the system and submit your bloody claims (like you don't have better things to do). But you still do it, for the money.

After almost four months of working, I finally submitted my accumulated claims, last week =). Come end o' June, come fast!

So now, please, shift your perception. We are not rich, the auditors (at least not me lah). Not only the cash inflow is somewhat restricted, the outflow is ridiculous. Imagine, everyday eat out (sometimes 2 meals a day, lunch & dinner), refueling your petrol every week, topping up your touch n go every other week, and sometimes you have to pay parking at client's place. Last time, when I was auditing a client in Balakong (right, Balakong where?), I didn't know any other way to get there except by taking NPE. The toll expense for me everyday was RM11.20!!!!!!!! (and I kept using the same road for not less than one month). On other times, when you know there is other cheaper route you can take, you still opt for that which cost you more in $$, but save you time, aaaand energy because nobody wants to be stucked in a traffic jam. Don't even get me start on the RM20+ parking. I might just cry...

You know how sometimes people come out with bright ideas when they are doing their business in that confined small room? They got this light bulb moment just before they hear the sound "PLUP!".....

Well, I don't get inspired the same way, but somehow, my analogy is apropos to others' seconds before "PLUP!"

"Duit masuk macam sembelit, duit keluar macam cirit-birit"


And I am proven right, dengan KENAIKAN HARGA MINYAK!!!!!!


HyRee said...

Read: Malaysian auditors are the most underpaid auditors in the whole wide world.
Well I hate to believe it but it seems to be true. I have heard several cases where one would be hospitalized for being too stressed out working as auditor.
No point saying 'hang in there'. My honest suggestion would be to find a channel to release all your inner tension. Anything at all, something, or, er.. someone?

nina said...

i dont know what's your source man, but I can vouch the underpaid part.

yeah, i heard of ppl whose health is affected due to work stress, but i can still manage la coz im quite resilient u see ;). [cerita kat blog is one way for me to release, apart from err, other things]

i definitely am spending more time with people. it's refreshing.


aQieYa said...

sy nak gelak pon kasihannnn,,, tapi....hahaha (duit masuk mcm sembelit, duit kelua mcm cirit birit)

nina said...

lucu tapi benar =)